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2013 House Leadership

Member Name
Leadership Position
Howell, William J. Speaker of the House (2003—) R 28th
Cox, M. Kirkland Majority Leader (December 5, 2010—) R 66th
Hugo, Timothy D. Majority Caucus Chairman (2010—) R 40th
McClellan, Jennifer L. Minority Caucus Vice Chair of Outreach (2009—) D 71st
Sickles, Mark D. Minority Caucus Chairman (2012—) D 43rd
Gilbert, C. Todd Deputy Majority Leader (2012—) R 15th
McQuinn, Delores L. Minority Caucus Sergeant at Arms (2012—) D 70th
Toscano, David J. Minority Leader (2012—) D 57th
Herring, Charniele L. Minority Whip (2012—) D 46th
Miller, Jackson H. Majority Whip (2012—) R 50th
Carr, Betsy B. Minority Caucus Treasurer D 69th